Shwetha Pai is a Finance and Corporate Strategy leader who has worked across industries, focusing primarily in Investment Banking, Consumer Products, and Pharmaceuticals. She took the entrepreneurial jump with her own tech startup, OrgAnalytix, 4 years ago when she moved to Cincinnati after 13 years in New York City and brief 2 year “detour” in Indianapolis.  She is passionate about data-driven problem solving, and analytical decision making, and loves to help companies and leaders build more diverse and efficient teams.  When she isn’t working on her startup or helping other small businesses, she spends time with her two girls, aged 7 and 5, and enjoys traveling the world with her family (her 7 year old has been to 14 countries already).  Shwetha is an immigrant from India who moved to South Dakota at the age of 12.  She has her bachelor’s degree from Boston University and went on to do her MBA at Columbia University in New York City.